Vice President Harris Walks Back Biden’s Talk of Regime Change in Russia


Towards the end of last month, President Biden journeyed to Europe for a gathering with different NATO leaders. This meeting arrived as Russia’s warfare against Ukraine has carried on for longer than four weeks.

However, during Biden’s time in Europe, he made a series of troubling foreign policy comments that his White House quickly had to step back.

This poses real problems, seeing as the remarks from the US president have the weight to impact the decisions of US allies and US enemies alike.

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One of Biden’s most controversial remarks of all involved the appeal for regime change in Russia. This is something that Vice President Kamala Harris has since walked back.

Harris on regime change in Russia

During an MSNBC interview on Friday, Biden’s call for regime change in Russia came up yet again.

To this end, the vice president stated that despite Biden’s claims, Russian regime change is not the policy of the White House. Harris then went on to state that the Russian government has to endure “real costs” for the war it waged against Ukraine.