Wells Fargo Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Refusal to Refund Stolen Government Payments


(USA Herald) -Wells Fargo is facing a proposed class-action lawsuit in New Mexico federal court over allegations that it refused to refund stolen funds from debit cards preloaded by the state for unemployment insurance and child support. Plaintiffs Ana Munoz and Michael Tilley filed a complaint, represented by Nicholas H. Mattison of Feferman Warren & Mattison, and Daniel A. Schlanger and Evan S. Rothfarb of Schlanger Law Group LLP. They accuse Wells Fargo NA, Conduent State & Local Solutions Inc., and Conduent Business Services LLC of violating the Electronic Fund Transfer Act by refusing to refund stolen funds.

According to the complaint, Conduent and Wells Fargo contracted with the state of New Mexico to create the EPPICard program, which provides prepaid Visa debit cards to residents. The accounts typically contain funds owed to residents by the state for unemployment insurance, child support, and foster care maintenance. However, bad actors gained access to the plaintiffs’ accounts and stole thousands of dollars through fraudulent, unauthorized transactions.