WHO granted entry to China for COVID-19 origin investigation


Nobody knows if the WHO investigation will yield concrete conclusions. The origins of the coronavirus are a matter of speculation at this point; China being the point of origin has become the predominant theory as of late.

A hallmark of the Chinese approach to the pandemic has been to clamp down on researchers and scientists looking into the coronavirus’ origins and shrouding them in secrecy.

That’s not to say that China has zero interest in investigating within their own borders. AP previously reported that the CCP has granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to scientists researching COVID-19 in Southern China.

Many have argued the Chinese government’s insistence on secrecy has had devastating consequences; the world was warned when it was already too late. Chinese state media has tried to downplay this claim with fringe theories that the virus could have originated somewhere else.

China-U.S. relations at an all-time low

The outbreak of the coronavirus has only exacerbated tensions between the West and the CCP. President Trump practically renamed COVID-19, calling it the ‘China virus,’ when U.S.-Sino relations were already beginning to show cracks – the ballroom dance between the Trump admin., ByteDance and other major U.S. companies come to mind.