WNBA Star Brittney Griner’s book will describe her ordeal in a Russian Prison and her new-found love for the USA


Griner’s previous book, “In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court,” was published in 2015.

Readers can expect a raw and intimate account of Griner’s harrowing experience of wrongful detainment, her struggle to navigate the complex Russian legal system, and the day-to-day reality of living in a foreign prison. 

Griner expressed her gratitude for being rescued and brought home. She highlighted the outpouring of support from people across the world and emphasized her intention to raise awareness about other Americans wrongfully detained abroad. 

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“By writing this book, I also hope to raise awareness surrounding other Americans wrongfully detained abroad such as Paul Whelan, Evan Gershkovich, Emad Shargi, Airan Berry, Shahab Dalili, Luke Denman, Eyvin Hernandez, Majd Kamalmaz, Jerrel Kenemore, Kai Li, Siamak Namazi, Austin Tice, Mark Swidan and Morad Tahbaz,” she added.