Woman Escapes Kidnapper in Oregon: FBI Searching for More Victims in 10 Other States


A woman from Seattle managed to escape a cinderblock cell in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where she had been held captive after being abducted last month. The man behind this crime, 29-year-old Negasi Zuberi, posed as an undercover police officer to lure his victim before shackling, sexually assaulting, and locking her up. And it is believed he has committed similar crimes in 10 other states.

Missing Teenager from Arizona Found Safe in Montana After Nearly Four Years – USA Herald

The abduction took place in the early morning hours of July 15, and the victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was transported hundreds of miles away to Klamath Falls.

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There, she found herself imprisoned in a makeshift cinderblock cell located in the garage of Zuberi’s residence. The cell had been carefully constructed with a metal door, installed backward to prevent escape from the inside, and designed to be soundproof, making it all the more nightmarish.

The woman’s will to survive led to her courageous actions. She broke out of a concrete cell bruising and bloodying her hands in the process. She managed to dismantle the door, before seizing a firearm belonging to Zuberi and making her escape. Climbing over a fence, she flagged down a driver who promptly called 911.

Kidnapper active in 10 other states

Zuberi was arrested in a Walmart parking lot in Reno, Nevada, where he was found with his wife and one of his children.