Would Blockchain Technology help make elections simpler, safer, and fairer? 


Basically, blockchain is a digital ledger. All transactions are recorded and the data is encrypted. The blockchain serves as a secure database of transactions and every record is verifiable.

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 All information is decentralized which assures the network cannot be taken down, because it doesn’t exist in one place.

The digital ledger records and stores all transactions, which are recorded in a block. When the block is completed and more transactions are recorded they are added to the blockchain in chronological order.

Each block is secured and linked to each other using cryptographic principles. A unique code called a “hash” that separates each block.

Blockchain technology may be the solution

Voting with blockchain could eliminate most election fraud and boost transparency. Each vote would be safely stored as a block on the blockchain, making it tamper-proof.

Long voting lines would be unnecessary since voters could vote with their phones or devices remotely. Counts would be digitized and give instant and real-time results. Very little staff would be needed to conduct an election.