Would Hunter Biden go to Jail if he wasn’t the President’s son?


Lancaster argues that Hunter is not without income, “However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly.”

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“He travels the world on the safest and most comfortable airplane in existence — Air Force One,” the attorney added.

Lunden Roberts also filed to change her daughter’s surname to Biden, which Hunter is challenging. 

In the meantime, the first son has married and has a two-year-old by his new wife. He has never asked to see his daughter by Lunden. And the President has no wish to meet her either.

Hunter Biden may be hiding 

It is rumored that the President’s son has temporarily moved into the White House to avoid being served with subpoenas.

He still has outstanding legal issues regarding his international business dealings. His former partner is currently in prison. But the Biden name could keep him from facing any consequences.

The court imposed a gag order on discussion of the specifics of the case last month. 

Roberts’ attorney accuses Hunter Biden of mischaracterizing his financial situation to reduce his child support payments.