Xi Jinping reunification comments, China-Taiwan relations to boiling point


The Xi Jinping reunification comments are troublesome to the Taiwan government. Taiwan’s defense minister Chiu Kuo-cheng had a press conference on Wednesday. He claims that military tensions with Beijing were at their worst point in more than forty years. Beijing could have the capability to launch a “full-scale” invasion of the island by 2025, Kuo-cheng added.

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Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council called on China to abandon its “provocative steps of intrusion, harassment, and destruction”.

And  Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang is accusing China of “flexing its muscles” and stoking tensions. And claims Taiwan must be on alert for China’s “over the top” military activities. 

Biden agrees to the “Taiwan Agreement”

Biden continues to emphasize that the U.S. will defend and support Taiwan. His statements sound similar to his supportive stance of Afghanistan before America left them to the Taliban.

Most  Western countries have expressed deep concern about China’s intimidating displays of military might.  US President Joe Biden said that he and President Xi had agreed to abide by the “Taiwan agreement”.