1981 Death of newborn baby in South Dakota solved when DNA-linked to Mother 


And by tracking through a distant relative on a genealogy database from Parabon NanoLab detectives were able to narrow its DNA to a local family tree.

Webber said the search pointed to Bentaas as the mother and her husband Dirk as the father. To confirm they obtained DNA samples from the couple’s trash.

And it was proven that the DNA-linked Baby Andrew to the couple. 

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Bentaas  hid pregnancy

Theresa  Bentaas admitted to police she was “young and stupid” during her pregnancy. In shock, from being single and pregnant in the early 1980’s she hid her pregnancy from everyone. And ultimately gave birth alone in her apartment. 

A psychologist who interviewed Bentaas claimed she had “complete pregnancy denial syndrome,” and did not know she was pregnant until she woke up in the middle of the night in the pains of childbirth. And still exhibits impaired memory of the event.

Bentaas’ daughter, Melissa Pheilmeier, said “Andrew and my mother are victims of their situation, victims of the culture and the stigma of a young, unwed pregnant girl in 1981.”