Aaron Kelly Law Firm Resorts To Attacking Former Client Again On KellyWarnerLaw.com – Pattern Recognized


Professor Volokh thereafter filed a bar complaint against Dan Warner with the Arizona Bar. This eventually led the ABA to start investigating both Warner and Kelly.

When Rodrick became aware of this he immediately notified the ABA of the finding.  Additionally he suspended his lawsuit against “Barri Grossman” as he had enough evidence to believe that Attorney Warner had made up this person just like the pattern of other lawsuits that listed defendants that didn’t exist.

The ABA thereafter announced that it was launching an investigation on the Kelly Warner Law Firm and started intaking evidence.

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In response to this investigation, and resorting to old tactics, Aaron Kelly and/or Daniel Warner created a new posting on their law website attacking Rodrick again.      This time Kelly and Warner claim that Rodrick teamed up with others to wage a “smear campaign” against them and alleged that the bar complaint that Rodrick filed was bogus.

Conveniently Daniel Warner didn’t mention in the post the series of articles that Professor Volokh wrote about their law firm on The Washington Post and the fact that it was Volokh’s bar complaint on Warner that led to both attorneys getting placed under investigation.