In America, there can be no beneficiaries to crime


Your friend tells you that his family has been living off that stolen $20 million dollars. The investments from that money are how your friend and his family sustained their lifestyle.

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As the legal mess with his father drags on, your friend gets desperate and then becomes outraged when authorities seize the stolen funds. He goes out and starts to protest, demands justice and tells the world that he MUST be able to keep that money, it is his right, that he is a now a victim as this is the only life he knows and has ever known.

Your friend says to deprive him of this lifestyle is unfair, horrific even.

You ask him why he is doing this, and he tells you: “Please help me. This is the only life I know. I simply cannot live without our nice home, our nice cars, and our private school. Taking these things from me is wrong, I had no choice over my father’s behavior years ago. I must be able to keep this money and the only life I know.”

You try to rationalize with your friend and tell him that yes, he is indeed in a very difficult position. While you feel bad about his situation, you remind him that his father broke the law.