In America, there can be no beneficiaries to crime


On immigration or any other issue of the day, all our governments have an obligation to enforce the laws of our land and our citizens must obey those laws or be penalized.  Minimally, local and state officials must be barred from thwarting enforcement and enabling violations of federal laws.

The United States of America must protect its borders. This is the responsibility of the federal government and this duty has been woefully shunned for 40 years. The rise of illegal immigration is not a racial matter, it is a matter of law, plain and simple.

If we have no borders, we have no nation. If our lawmakers and law enforcement agencies can arbitrarily pick the laws they wish to enforce, then law enforcement becomes arbitrary and then tyrannical.

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This is why the action of elected and appointed Democrats to ignore this problem is shameful and violates their sworn duty to uphold the laws of the land. Especially those in law enforcement.

If our lawmakers and political leaders don’t like certain laws, then they must work to change those laws, they cannot simply ignore them.