In America, there can be no beneficiaries to crime


If you haven’t gotten the joke yet, think a little deeper about “undocumented” income.  It’s not undocumented, its stolen. Just as those who cross our borders without permission break the law.  It is not “undocumented income,” its stolen money, and they are not “undocumented people,” they are illegal aliens.

Even if they commit no further crimes once they get here, have wonderful children that we give cute name like “Dreamers,” they are still lawbreakers.

It is wrong for America to reward lawbreakers and just as wrong to reward the children of law breakers with privileged status. While it is also wrong to punish young children as most had no say in the matter of their border crossing, we cannot reward them either. All of these participants need to be returned to their countries of origin, anything less is un-American.

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While we can all have empathy for their plight, when they take to the streets to protest our enforcement of our own laws, this is when Americans must say enough.

These young people demean our nation by demanding citizenship that is not theirs to demand.  We may choose to offer some variant of it, but we should never offer a gift from someone who demands it.

One cannot demand a gift – only idiots would succumb to such a tactic

Until they stop the demands, no special status should be conveyed upon “Dreamers.” Simply put, they have lost the moral high-ground with their protests.