In America, there can be no beneficiaries to crime


It is offensive to law abiding American’s when illegal aliens take to the streets and demand citizenship. It is audacious and ridiculous of them to do so and insults the very fabric of our democracy, our rule of law, and our decency.

You are here illegally, at least have the courtesy to understand that. Their protests are synonymous to a squatter complaining that the bed is too hard.  We are not ignorant to the paradox of these young people, nor are we unkind. We just believe in the rule of law.

When Democrats say these are the very best of people, it seems unconscionable that these same Democrats would want to deprive the nations of origin of their “best people.” Is the irony not lost on Democrats?

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If these countries are not desirable places to live, they must improve on their own and will they not need their best citizens at home in order to improve their collective lot? These other nations too, need the skills, service sand patriotism of their “best people.”  How dare we deprive them of it.

You can change laws, but not ignore them

When Democrats and liberals running any of our federal, state or local governments want to harbor illegal aliens in sanctuaries and protect lawbreakers or their children, then they must do so by moving legislation, indeed, passing laws to make these acts legal. They cannot simply pick and choose the laws they like a statutory smorgasbord. Such a concept is simply absurd.