“Americans Are Dreamers, Too.”


A Harvard University-Harris poll affirms that most Americans agree with President Trump’s assertion that American citizens are also Dreamers, reports The Hill.

What Does it Truly Mean to be a Dreamer?

During President Trump’s State of the Union Address, he declared, “Americans are Dreamers, too.” The aforesaid declaration earned him a hearty round of applause from many Republicans and scowls from several Democrats.

More often than not, when one mentions Dreamers, they are referencing young illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. by older family members. Democrats and progressives have not concealed their support for these Dreamers at all.

In fact, last month, Congressional Democrats overwhelmingly voted against a bill designed to halt the three-day government shutdown which later followed. Why did they refuse to support the piece of legislation? Democrats believed that Republicans failed to protect Dreamers in the aforementioned bill. Moreover, the Democratic Party has repeatedly opined that Dreamers deserve protection from deportation and even full citizenship.