Arizona Attorney Daniel Warner Under Investigation for Alleged Legal Fraud


Rodrick even went so far as to file a bar complaint.
Considering the likelihood that Charles Roderick wrote the RipOffReport, Attorney Warner’s subsequent actions are puzzling, at best.

Attorney Daniel Warner’s friend and colleague, Richart Ruddie, whom Warner has a relationship with and has worked with on multiple occasions, appears to have filed a fake lawsuit to deindex the RipOffReport.   NOTE: Kelly Warner represented Richart Ruddie in the Walters v. Coopers Picks LLC case where  Richart Ruddie was sued for Conspiracy and Deceptive Trade Practices.

In what appears as an attempt to hide Richart Ruddie’s identity, Ruddie filed a lawsuit listing his name as “R. Derek Ruddie” against another seemingly fake defendant named “Jake Kirschner” that chose to represent himself pro se.

“R. Derek Ruddie” AKA “Richart Derek Ruddie” claims that “Defendant Kirschner (Defendant) posted false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff Ruddie (Plaintiff)  here.

Interestingly, R. Derek Ruddie (Richart Ruddie) is not mentioned one single time in the RipOffReport listing about Daniel Warner.  Yet, Ruddie claims in his lawsuit that he was “harmed” by the RipOffReport about Daniel Warner.