Arizona Attorney Daniel Warner Under Investigation for Alleged Legal Fraud


In fact, the Notary ID 20121234567 with the expiration date of August 8, 2016 was likely pulled from the Colorado Secretary of State website where it is used as an explanation to notaries as to how they should format their seals.

Digging deeper, we noticed that Krista Ivanski and Samantha Pierce have signatures that are strikingly similar, one significant similarity being the very distinguishable way that the “i” is dotted.

On a motion filed earlier in the case by Attorney Warner, the Notary is “Amanda Sparks of Fulton County,” but, once again, there is no Amanda Sparks in Fulton County. Volokh notes in his article that there is an Amanda Sparks in a different county with a different expiration date. So, it appears that the real Amanda Sparks may be a victim of identity theft.

In the image below, it appears that the handwriting for the “Amanda Sparks” notarization was also the same as that used for “Krista Ivanski” & “Samantha Pierce.”

In summation, this lawsuit, filed by Attorney Daniel Warner, appears to have the following characteristics:

  • Fake signatures
  • Fake notaries
  • Fake defendant, representing herself pro se
  • Purpose was to remove negative material from Google