Arizona Attorney Daniel Warner Under Investigation for Alleged Legal Fraud


Lawsuit 2 Lynd v. Hood

Adam David Lynd of Lynd Company, Inc. hired Daniel Warner & Aaron Kelly to deindex multiple RipOffReport listings that portrayed Lynd as a scam “artist.”

One of the RipOffReports was written by someone named John Duran,, a real person. In fact, in the rebuttal on the RipOffReport, Adam David Lynd responded to John Duran acknowledging that he and Lynd were “engaged” in business together, which is key: If the actual author of the RipOffReport post, John Duran, was known to Lynd, Attorney Warner and Attorney Kelly should have known better than to name someone else as the defendant in the lawsuit:

The lawsuit Attorney Warner and Attorney Kelly filed didn’t name John Duran as the defendant in light of the evidence that was available to them at the time, rather it named “Connie Hood” & “Jesse Wood” as the defendants:
On further investigation, it appears that neither Connie Hood nor Jesse Wood exist, strikingly similar to the defendants in the first lawsuit we discussed.