Biden Amid Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Scandal: He Did One “Hell of a Job”


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday his decision to resign from office within 14 days.

Cuomo’s resignation comes after a report from the New York attorney general (and accounts from women) showing that Cuomo sexually harassed women working for him and in his inner circle. This follows the New York governor also placing COVID-positive individuals into nursing home facilities and then covering up the subsequent deaths.

Following the report from the New York attorney general, bipartisan calls for Cuomo’s resignation began. Interestingly enough, President Biden is one of the individuals who stated the New York governor should step down from his current position.

On Tuesday, the media questioned Biden about the latest developments surrounding New York’s Cuomo. The president then responded by claiming that, amid Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal, he did “a hell of a job.

Biden’s latest assessment of the New York governor

When the 46th president lauded Cuomo, he spoke about the latter’s track record on voting rights, infrastructure, and additional matters.