California Budget: Gov. Brown Sets Aside More Money for Education, Rainy Day Fund


The funding for education is $78.4 billion, an increase of 66% or $31 billion in seven years. The funding for K-12 schools will increase by around $4,600 per student.

California Education Funding

The state also continued its new and ongoing resources for higher education. Its goal is to keep student fees low, promote new technology and innovation, and improve graduation rates. The University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) already received $1.2 billion and $1.6 billion in new funding. Community colleges received $2.4 billion.

The UC and CSU will each receive $100 million in new, one-time deferred maintenance funding under the revised California budget.

Gov. Brown proposes new, one-time spending to combat homelessness

The governor also proposed new, one-time general fund spending focused on three areas:  homelessness, infrastructure, and mental health

To address homelessness, the governor is proposing $350 million. The budget will help local governments in their efforts to address homelessness, which affects the most vulnerable residents. In February, California mayors requested $1.5 billion funding to combat homelessness.