California Senate Minority Leader asks Gov. Brown to veto Sanctuary State bill

California Sen. Pat Bates asks Brown to veto Sanctuary State bill

Patricia Bates, the California State Senate Minority Leader encouraged Governor Jerry Brown to veto the Sanctuary State bill.

On September 16, the California State Senate passed the Sanctuary State bill officially known as SB 54—California Values Act.

Since its passage, Gov. Brown has been receiving increasing requests  to veto the Sanctuary State bill. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the California legislature “unconscionable” for approving it.

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Last week, the governor said he is still weighing his decision whether to sign or veto the Sanctuary State bill.


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In a previous interview with CNN, Gov. Brown defended the legislation as “well-balanced.” He negotiated the last minute changes in the bill to remove obstacle for its passage.

The Sanctuary State bill provides protections for undocumented immigrants. It prevents state and local enforcement agencies from using funding and personnel for immigration purposes. They cannot act as immigration agents for federal immigration officials.

California Senate Minority Leaders’s concerns about the Sanctuary State bill

In a letter to the Gov. Brown, Senate Minority Leader Bates expressed several concerns.