Cohen’s Lawyer Speaks Out: “Cohen ‘Feared for Country and Family’ After 2016 Election.”


On Sunday, Lanny Davis, attorney to Michael Cohen, spoke out about his client’s supposed “fears” following the election of President Donald Trump. Cohen previously worked as Trump’s lawyer.

A Thorough Analysis of Davis’ Statements

During a ‘Face The Nation’ interview, Cohen’s lawyer shared the following public statements:

“Michael Cohen is now taking ownership in his statement to the court of his personal responsibility for his behavior when he worked for Donald Trump. He underwent a genuine transformation because he feared for his country and his family when Donald Trump was president.”

Davis furthermore declared that his client is going to jail as a result of taking “ownership and personal responsibility” for his wrongdoings.

Implications Behind Davis’ Statements

The remarks which Davis delivered on Sunday carry heavy implications. First and foremost, observers may infer that Cohen’s alleged fears prompted him to turn on the president. Cohen’s decade-long service previously engendered Americans to speculate about whether his loyalty to Trump would withstand in the face of legal perils. After all, Cohen once noted that he would proudly “take a bullet” for Donald Trump. Now, the president’s ex-attorney maintains that Trump directed him to break laws.