Cohen’s Lawyer Speaks Out: “Cohen ‘Feared for Country and Family’ After 2016 Election.”


President Trump, for his part, has strongly denied accusations of instructing Cohen to engage in crimes. The commander-in-chief moreover maintains that Cohen’s accusations are merely attempts to lessen his legal troubles.

Last week, Americans learned that Cohen will serve 36 months in jail. The crimes he will atone for include campaign finance violations, tax evasion, and bank fraud. However, the campaign finance violations pertain to payments made to the president’s alleged former mistresses prior to the 2016 election. Both Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels claimed to have engaged in extramarital affairs with Trump prior to his run for office. Trump, however, rejects McDougal and Daniels’ stories.

More on Lanny Davis

Sunday does not mark Davis’ first time in the press. The attorney is widely known for his past service to former President Bill Clinton during his time in office. Since Davis’ representation of Cohen, he has strongly asserted that his client’s wrongdoings occurred at the commands of Donald Trump.

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