Cohen says his “blind loyalty” to Trump led him to “choose a path of darkness over light”


Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer and fixer to President Donald Trump, blamed himself for his misconduct that landed him to jail.

Cohen said his “blind loyalty” to Trump led him to commit crimes. He was weak to “question and refuse” the presidents demands

Cohen to spend three years in prison

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Willian Pauley sentenced Cohen to 36 months or three years in prison. He also ordered him to pay $1.4 million in restitution, forfeiture of $500,000 and a penalty of $50,000.

In his ruling, Pauley said Trump’s former lawyer deserves “a significant term of imprisonment” for committing a committing a “veritable smorgasbord of fraudulent conduct.”

Cohen pleaded guilty to committing several crimes including tax evasion, making false statement to a financial institution, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to Congress.

In a court filing last week, federal prosecutors recommended “substantial” jail time for Cohen.

On the other hand, Special Counsel Robert Mueller told the court that Trump’s former lawyer provided useful information on Russia-related matters core to the ongoing investigation. He requested Judge Pauley to “give due consideration to Cohen’s “substantial and significant efforts” to correct his wrongdoing, accept responsibility and help in the SCO’s investigation.