More Details Emerge Regarding Nikolas Cruz, the Florida High School Shooter


New reports from The Hill divulge interesting information regarding Florida high school shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

Latest Intel Regarding Cruz

Last month’s Parkland, Florida high school shooting took America by storm. Multiple people died and authorities quickly launched an investigation into the massacre and events which led up to it.

Political unrest also followed after the aforementioned shooting. Many left-leaning Americans have called for stricter gun control measures and heavier background checks. However, conservatives and other right-wingers have pointed out the many missteps which greatly enabled last month’s shooting.

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Following the investigation, the nation learned of Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old who opened fire at his high school and stole multiple, innocent lives. However, America also learned that the FBI received ongoing tips about Cruz, yet failed to act upon them. Many Republicans, therefore, slammed the FBI, even calling for a complete overall.

The plot thickens and the story gets worse, though. According to the Associated Press, officials strongly advised for Cruz to be committed to a mental institution, prior to last month’s shooting. This recommendation followed after the FBI received multiple complaints and tips expressing fear and apprehension regarding Cruz and what he may be capable of.