Dhar Mann Accused of Blocking Promotions For Good Werks Productions


Last month, the #ProtestDharMann movement took much of the internet by surprise. This movement emerged after veteran actors previously associated with Dhar Mann Studios accused Mann of the following:

  • Low pay
  • Negative workplace conditions
  • Refusal to engage in a meeting to discuss the above issues

This led to actors Mair Mulroney, Colin A Borden, Chas Laughlin, Nick Sarando and others starting their own show, Good Werks Productions.

So far, Good Werks Productions is in the fundraising phase.

This is critical so the aforementioned actors have the necessary resources to rent equipment/locations for filming, pay crew members, and otherwise meet overhead expenses associated with entrepreneurial ventures.

Though as Good Werks Productions gets started, Dhar Mann, the video creator previously affiliated with the aforementioned actors, stands accused of blocking promotions for the new show.

Video evidence as proof?

On TikTok, actor Mair Mulroney shared a screenshot that revealed a copyright claim put on her video in which she promotes Good Werks Productions, along with the link to the show’s IndieGoGo campaign.