Donald Trump Jr. Alleges Instagram’s Complicity in Conservative Censorship


Last month, Trump supporters and conservative commentators Diamond and Silk criticized Facebook for censoring their content. The preceding criticisms arrived at the same time that Facebook took heat for mismanaging the personal information of users.

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Earlier this month, Twitter, another popular social media site, announced their decision to crack down on accounts whom they deemed as “trolls.” Finally, in October 2017, the right-leaning PragerU sued YouTube and Google for unlawful censorship and discrimination against free speech. Suffice it to say, concerns about conservative censorship via social media are not new and also appear to be increasing.

What Do Americans Think Regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s Concerns?

As the political climate increases in divisiveness and toxicity, many Americans have different takes regarding claims of conservative censorship. However, readers of The Hill did not hesitate to weigh in with their thoughts regarding the eldest First Son’s assertions:

When will these tech sites deal with liberal hate?