Emperor Tamarin monkeys missing from Dallas Zoo were found safe in an abandoned house


The monkeys were located around 5 p.m. on Tuesday. It is still uncertain when they were taken from their habitat.

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The monkeys’ retrieval is the latest in a string of strange and suspicious incidents at the zoo. This was 4th time this month the zoo discovered possible tampering. And the “unusual” circumstances include a rare vulture’s death last week.

Earlier Tuesday before the monkeys were found Dallas police released zoo surveillance video and a photo of an unidentified man they want to speak to about the case.

Police are still requesting the public’s help in identifying this person.

Ongoing criminal investigation

On January 13 a clouded leopard named Nova disappeared. The zoo closed while they searched for the missing feline. And she was discovered hours later close to her habitat.

A criminal investigation was opened after discovering the fence around Nova’s enclosure was “intentionally cut,” police said.

Later the same day zoo personnel found similar fence cuts had been made to the enclosure of the langur monkeys. And none of the monkeys had left their habitat. At the time police said it was “unknown if the two incidents are related.”