Are Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social platforms to blame for the rise in mass shootings?


Evidence from this study reveals a large increase in the number of mass shootings after 2011’s social media milestones, and one can conclude that social media most likely has some effect on these crimes, although the degree of this relationship is beyond the scope of this study. Other factors, such as treatment of mental illness, or current gun regulations, may well be contributing factors in the rise of mass shootings also. In any case, these findings raise difficult questions about keeping the public informed in a media environment that only seems to encourage these horrific acts.

It’s my personal belief that social media has further divided people, creating feelings of isolation and despair.   The “mirage” of lifestyles that people portray on social media create feelings of inferiority and insecurity in people.  Additionally, spending hours up hours a day in front of a screen reading about how other people’s lives are better than yours certainly isn’t good for your mental health.

It’s time that we take a closer look at the reasons behind the ever increasing mass shootings in our society.  What has changed over the past decade to cause such a sharp increase in killings?  Guns have always been around, but it wasn’t until the advent of social media and its proliferation that mass shootings have increased so rapidly.  Is social media the problem?