Are Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social platforms to blame for the rise in mass shootings?


Including the two latest attacks, 125 people had been killed in the 2019 shootings.

A History Of The Top 25 Mass Shootings Prior To Yesterday’s Murders

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Including yesterday’s shootings, 18 of the top 25 deadlies shootings have happened over the past 15 years.   Ironically, both Myspace and Facebook are approximately 15-16 years old, with other online channels such as forums as old as 20 years now.

The first mass top 25 mass shooting occured in 1949 in Camden, then a whopping 17 years the next top 25 mass shooting occured at the University of Texas.

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In-Depth Study Of Mass Shootings

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Orlando. San Bernardino. Las Vegas. Sandy Hook. Parkland.

These are only a handful of the places where mass shootings have occurred in the United States in the past 20 years, and these violent crimes are increasing in frequency. An event where four or more individuals are shot now occurs every 12.5 days in this country (Meindl & Ivy, 2017). This rise in mass shootings has recently been linked to “media contagion” theory, which suggests that society’s never-ending news cycle has a “copycat” effect on these crimes (Meindl & Ivy, 2017).