Georgia Pulls Delta’s Tax Break After Airline Severs Ties With NRA


America’s Response to Delta’s Rescinded Tax Exemption

The nation’s feedback to the revocation of Delta Airline’s tax break comes in a mixed bag. Many conservatives have championed the measure, stating that attacks on lawful gun owners are unfair. However, many progressives and other critics of the NRA questioned the legality of rescinding the Atlanta-based airline’s tax exemption.

The debate over enacting gun control whilst preserving the rights of law-abiding gun owners is unlikely to subside anytime soon. Two weeks after the Florida school shooting, a Georgia social studies teacher opened fire at Dalton High School.

Although no individuals sustained injuries, the incident reignited the gun control debate. Americans moreover seized the opportunity to slam the notion of arming teachers as a means to prevent school shootings.

Readers of The Hill also shared their thoughts regarding Delta Airline’s terminated tax break:

Look how quickly the right abandons “free market conservatism” and “low taxes” the moment it suits them.