GM Cadillac’s Super Cruise blows away Tesla’s Autopilot [Consumer Reports]

GM Cadillac Super Cruise
Source: Cadillac website

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) scored another victory after its Cadillac’s new Super Cruise system received the highest rating from Consumers Reports, in the assisted driving technology category.

GM defeated Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) as its Autopilot system came in at a “distant second.”

The technologies were ranked in multiple ways, including ease of use, capabilities, and performance, driver monitoring and engagement as well as safety. These programs were originally created to reduce driver fatigue and stress in which they take control of various driving elements such as braking, speed, and staying in lane.

In the competition, Tesla’s Model Y scored 57 out of 100 points while the Cadillac CT6 sedan which features Super Cruise scored 69 out of 100 points. Audi’s pre-sense system scored quite low at 48 points. In total, 17 self-assisted driving technologies were tested by Consumer Reports.

Super Cruise offers drivers a full hands-off experience capable of traversing close to 200,000 miles of pre-mapped highways across the U.S. and Canada. This differs from Tesla’s Autopilot which requires the driver to touch the wheel periodically. 2020 is the second year that Super Cruise has dominated the charts. In 2018, it secured a victory over Tesla.

Super Cruise ensures drivers are paying attention to the road

“Even with new systems from many different automakers, Super Cruise still comes out on top due to the infrared camera ensuring the driver’s eyes are looking toward the roadway,” according to Kelly Funkhouser, head of connected and automated vehicle testing at Consumer Reports.