Hillary Clinton to Endorse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for Re-election

Gov. Cuomo and Hillary Clinton photo

Hillary Clinton is set to speak and endorse New York Governor Andew Cuomo at the state’s Democratic Convention on Wednesday, according to the New York Times.

Gov. Cuomo is seeking a third term and facing a Democratic primary challenge from actress and education activist Cynthia Nixon. Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement is not surprising. The governor is a long-time ally of the Clintons. He served as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urband Development during the admimistration of former President Bill Clinton.

Still, many view Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement as a boost to Gov. Cuomo’s campaign and fend off Nixon’s primary challenge. . Last month, the governor failed to obtain the endorsement of New York Working Families Party (WFP), an influential progressive political group in the state. However, two labor unions left the WFP and endorsed the governor.

Earlier this month, the latest survey from Qunnipiac University showed that Gov. Cuomo had a two-digit advantage against Nixon. Fifty percent (50%) of likely voters support Gov. Cuomo compared to 22% for the actress.