Judge William J. O’Neil to preside over Attorney Daniel Warner / Aaron Kelly legal fraud case


William J. O’Neil, Presiding Disciplinary Judge, is assigned to the legal fraud case brought by the Arizona Bar against Attorney Daniel Warner and his law partner Attorney Aaron Kelly (John Monarch’s business partner).  The case will be heard by a three member disciplinary panel. It will consist of Judge O’Neil, a volunteer attorney and a volunteer member of the public. This panel will be responsible for taking testimony and findings of fact to support their decision. The panel will also be responsible for determining whatever sanction is warranted, i.e. permanent disbarment.

The case drew national attention when UCLA Law Professor/Washington Post Reporter Eugene Volokh exposed the Kelly Warner Law Firm for filing a litany of cases that contained fake notarizations, forged signatures, and non-existant defendants, all aimed at removing public alerts about their clients accused of fraud and other misdeeds from Google: