Why Microsoft built treehouses for employee meetings


All of this is to help employees to work more productively and interact spontaneously in the workplace. Collaboration is seen as essential for sparking creativity and when it’s done in a treehouse, innovative ideas are more likely to flow.

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New ways to work and play

More projects like this are likely to happen as Microsoft plans to completely overhaul its existing campus. The updated campus will allow for about 8,000 new employees as well as the current 47,000 working at Redmond. These plans were announced soon after Apple opened its Apple Park campus and maybe they aren’t quite as audacious but they also reflect a transformation in the way people want to work and connect.

Their focus will be on creating more friendly work and play spaces with walking and jogging trails, sports fields, a boulevard lined with trees and an open plaza that seats 2,000 where employees can gather to learn or to play.

The buildings will be energy-optimized and there will a cross-campus bridge for pedestrians and cyclists and car-free zones. The whole campus will be infused with top-notch technology.

Different Zones