Why Microsoft built treehouses for employee meetings


Focus and privacy will be able to be found in certain areas and inspiration can be found in other more open spaces. Collaborative team meetings can be held on comfy couches in rooms with scrum-friendly whiteboards.  Impromptu conversations can be held at work “neighborhoods” that will help fuel innovation, productivity, and faster development.

Employees will be able to work where they work best with a home base where teams can easily find each other. Each zone will vary according to a type of work and will support how projects progress from beginning to end.

The effect appears to resemble a sprawling university campus rather than being like Apple’s new headquarters with its focus on a central building. It takes advantage of the urban environment, combining walkability, amenities, and nature to create a sense of community.

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The big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon obviously agree on the impact being exposed to nature can have on their employees. At Apple’s new headquarters the whole building surrounds a park and there are thousands of trees on the property, a pond, and a meadow.