Part 2: Afghan couple claims baby illegally adopted by U.S. Marine


Mast applied for special visas for the Afghan family. He characterized the Afghan couple as an escort for a “U.S. military dependent” aka the baby. He got a passport for the baby with his last name.

And the harrowing journey began.

At a layover in Germany, Mast visited the Afghan family’s room three times. It is alleged that Mast tried to get the baby to travel to the U.S. with him and his wife. And was “insisting that it would be easier for the toddler to enter the United States that way.”  The Afghan couple says they refused the offer.

Illegally adopted  

When they landed Mast specified the Afghan couple is taken to Fort Pickett Army National Guard base. Thousands of Afghan refugees were at the base being temporarily housed.

Five days after the Afghans arrived in the U.S., they allege Mast waving custody papers took her away. The Afghan woman was begging him not to take the child. The Afghan man claims he was assaulted by Mast who pushed him down and stepped on his hand. 

Mast then grabbed the baby and rushed her to his car, where his wife was waiting, the lawsuit claims.