Part 2: Afghan couple claims baby illegally adopted by U.S. Marine


Even though the baby was being raised by Afghan relatives, the Masts filed to adopt the child in Fluvanna County, Virginia, where they lived.

According to Karen Law, a Virginia international adoption attorney state law mandates an accredited agency visit three times over six months. And submit a report before an adoption can be finalized. 

Despite the baby being thousands of miles away, the Masts were able to adopt her. The Afghan couple claims she was illegally adopted.

The fall of Afghanistan marks the end of a family

In the late summer of 2021, Afghanistan was chaotic. The Taliban was seizing power.

Mast contacted the family and told them they could bring the baby to the U.S. “before the country collapsed.” He said he was “extremely concerned that they may not get another chance.” The couple agreed.

The couple had no idea that Mast was intent on getting the baby to America so he could take her into his family. 

Mast sent the family detailed emails telling them what to say to US authorities. “If anyone asks to talk about your documents, show them this text: I am Major Joshua Mast, USMC. I am a Judge Advocate…”