Part 2: Afghan couple claims baby illegally adopted by U.S. Marine


The Afghan child has been with the Masts now for more than a year.

In December 2021, the Afghan couple filed to reverse the adoption in Fluvanna. But it is moving painfully slowly.

 In September the Afghan couple filed a federal lawsuit. It accuses U.S. Marine Corps attorney Captain Joshua Mast and his wife of false imprisonment, conspiracy, fraud, and assault. 

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Meanwhile, in slow-motion court proceedings, the fate of the Afghan child is being debated in a secret locked courtroom in Fluvanna County in the village of Palmyra, Virginia. This is the Masts’ hometown. And they remain pillars of the community of about 100 people.

Mast who was promoted to Major remains on active duty as a Marine.

In Texas, the immigrant couple still grieves the loss of their child. The woman gave birth to a baby shortly after arriving in the U.S.

The Afghan man said that “Since we have come to America, we have not felt happiness for even one day. We feel like we are living in a dark jail.”

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