Pennsylvania Governor Creates School Safety Task Force

Gov. Wolf Creates School Safety Task Force

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf decided to create a School Safety Task Force after students across the United States walked out of class to protest gun violence.

Students demanded politicians to improve school safety and implement stricter gun control laws. They showed leadership and unity expressing that they could no longer tolerate inaction. They want change to keep their schools safe, to stop mass shootings like what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

On Thursday, Gov. Wolf said the School Safety Task Force brings together government officials, law enforcement, school officials, parents, students, and other relevant stakeholders to discuss ways to improve school safety and security.

“Ensuring the safety of Pennsylvanians, especially our children, is my top priority as governor,” said Gov. Wolf.

Additionally, the governor explained that he is creating the School Safety Task Force to make sure that Pennsylvania schools are safe. He believes that they can find solutions to improve school safety, security, and preparedness by working together with those on the front lines.