President Trump Endorses Mitt Romney For Senate


On Monday, President Trump raised many eyebrows by endorsing Mitt Romney, a new candidate for the Utah Senate seat, reports Breitbart News.

An Overview of Trump and Romney

The political correspondence between then-future President Trump and Mitt Romney became strained during the 2016 Presidential election. Romney repeatedly vocalized his disapproval of President Trump and even urged the GOP to nominate one of the other candidates. Then, after President Trump secured the Republican nomination, Romney opined that a Clinton victory would follow.

President Trump did not hesitate to respond to Romney’s criticism. The Commander-in-Chief slammed Romney as a ” stone cold loser” and a “choker.” He furthermore opined that “chokers” should not be given “second chances.”

However, President Trump and Mitt Romney appear to have put differences aside. During the Georgia Special Elections, Romney defended President Trump, much to the surprise of many Americans.