President Trump Slams Chuck Schumer Over DACA Disputes


As covered by Newsmax, President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have once again clashed over immigration reform.

President Trump vs. Sen. Schumer on Immigration

Republican and Democratic leaders remain at odds over the fate of immigration reform in America. The majority of the GOP is striving towards border wall funding and a discontinuation of chain migration; Democrats, however, want to see a DACA deal for the approximate 800,000 young illegal immigrants, more commonly referred to as Dreamers.

As a matter of fact, the battle became so intense that a 72-hour government shutdown ensued earlier this month. Ultimately, the Democrats agreed to re-open the government, but have yet to reach a compromise with Republicans.

As liberal and conservative voters debate each other about the best solution regarding immigration, President Trump and Sen. Schumer are in conflict also. Earlier today, the President blasted the Senate Minority Leader via Twitter, opining that the latter was complicating a potential deal on DACA:

The Commander-in-Chief echoed similar thoughts on Tuesday as well:

President Trump has repeatedly made strides to reach a deal on DACA. These strides include offering to protect DACA Dreamers in exchange for Democrats funding the border wall, and most recently, offering a path to citizenship for illegal Dreamers in exchange for the border wall. The Democrats have yet to accept an agreement where both sides get something they want.

Chuck Schumer did, however, respond to the President’s immigration-related tweets:

Americans’ Take on the Immigration Battle

The fight over immigration reform has not shown any signs of ceasing in the foreseeable future. Americans have taken to social media, expressing their thoughts regarding the ongoing gridlock even after the government shutdown. As conservatives and liberals pointed the finger at each other, some people noted the importance of both sides working together. Moreover, Americans opined that a “my way or the highway” disposition is highly problematic in politics and government:

What Should Americans Expect Going Forward?

Despite the current situation, many lawmakers have not relented on finding a solution for immigration reform. Politico affirms that Republicans and Democrats are meeting over the next two weeks to come up with legislation that will attract the needed votes in the Senate.

North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis moreover expressed hopeful sentiments:

Next week could be a very pivotal point in time where we start looking at a specific baseline bill and build on it.

Whether or not a bipartisan immigration resolution comes to fruition remains to be seen.