Republican John Kasich Bemoans FISA Memo Release


On Friday, Ohio Governor John Kasich opined his thoughts on the recent release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo, as reported by The Hill.

Everything You Need to Know About the FISA Memo and Its Release

The FISA memo makes the case that the Justice Department secretly and illegally worked to harm President Trump’s 2016 campaign for the Oval Office. Theories of the government attempting to undermine the current President have existed for quite some time. Many conservatives and other members of President Trump’s base have referred to this entity as the deep state.

The aforementioned memo’s release happened earlier today, as documented by CBS News. This release moreover occurred after President Trump declassified the document which can be read in full by clicking here.

Calls for the release of the FISA memo increased exponentially after the FBI alleged that damning text messages between former agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page went “missing.” Many Americans viewed the “missing” messages as the FBI’s attempt to hide corruption within their own ranks. Even after the “recovery” of the aforesaid messages, some people questioned their legitimacy.

The FISA memo’s release reveals several interesting tidbits of information. First, Americans are now aware that FISA condoned the surveillance of Carter Page, President Trump’s former campaign policy advisor. Secondly, intelligence agencies believed that Page had contact with Russian officials, even before he joined the Trump campaign. Ultimately, the memo contains a plentiful amount of speculations; however, no evidence of federal law breaches or Russia collusion currently exists.

Since the release of the FISA memo, many Americans are wondering whether or not similar releases will follow. Questions regarding the FBI’s response, the Trump dossier, and more are currently in circulation.

Kasich’s Thoughts About the FISA Memo’s Release

The Ohio Governor slammed the release of the aforementioned memo. According to Kasich, it serves as a “disservice to America.” However, this viewpoint starkly contrasts with the opinions of many Americans who called for the exposure of the memo. Nevertheless, Kasich maintains that the FBI and DOJ play critical roles in America. He furthermore opined that the release occurred¬†for the sake of “political gain.”

An excerpt from his official public statement read as follows:

While we must maintain oversight of these institutions, it has to be done in a bipartisan manner. The manner [does] a disservice to our country.