Romania Denies Andrew Tate Bail Amid Human Trafficking Probe


Earlier this month, Romania determined that Andrew Tate’s detention duration would once again see another extension, this time until Friday, April 21.

Tate remains imprisoned as Romania’s law enforcement investigates him for allegedly forcing women to create explicit content for pornographic websites under duress. It’s also worth noting that Tate, in online videos, boasted of women in his home not having the freedom to leave.

As he faces the music in lockup and under investigation, Tate’s attorneys want Romania to believe he was simply playing an online character. However, judges and prosecutors in the country have repeatedly deemed Tate to be both a flight risk and a danger to the public.

On Wednesday, Tate once again appeared before a judge, this time to appeal the court’s choice to deny him bail. Like previous appeals, Tate did not achieve his intended outcome.

Detention time stands

Tate appeared before an appeals court, seeking bail that would permit him to go from lockup to house arrest. However, the appeals court turned it down, meaning Tate will stay detained through at least the better part of April.