Two Leaders of Notorious Videogame Piracy Group “Team Xecuter” Arrested


Based on the indictment, Louarn also known as Julien Ambroise was responsible for recruiting investors for Team Xecuter. He was also responsible for exploiting developers and making strategic business decisions, finalizing product design, and financing projects for the criminal enterprise.

Bowser also is known as GaryOPA developed and marketed circumvention devices for popular game consoles. He also administered multiple websites operated by the notorious piracy group.

Chen also is known as Velison Chen, 100+1, and Jingui Chen supervised and managed a manufacturing and distribution company called China Distribution or ChinaDistrib, the official distributor of Team Xecuter’s circumvention devices.

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The notorious piracy group used  encrypted means to hide its illegal activities

Team Xecuter allegedly claimed to have been rocking the video games industry since 2002 and started developing circumvention devices in 2001.

The video games piracy group used encrypted means of communications such as Signal and Telegram to protect its projects from other teams of hackers and law enforcement, according to an indictment unsealed on Friday. It also deployed various techniques to hide and protect the servers under its control,