Viva Las Vegas: Super Bowl LVIII Brings Historic Economic Surge 


CBS’ broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII will be seen by an estimated audience of over 110 million viewers. And all eyes are on Las Vegas as it plays host to this iconic event.

The Football action is set to take place at the spectacular Allegiant Stadium. The game promises not only thrilling gridiron action but also a substantial economic boon for the city, CBS and the US.

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Viva Las Vegas

The economic impact of the Super Bowl extends beyond retail sales, with hospitality and tourism sectors poised to reap significant rewards.

 Analysts estimate that between 330,000 to 450,000 visitors will descend upon Las Vegas. The fans will be injecting hundreds of millions to over a billion dollars into the local economy. From hotel accommodations to dining and entertainment, every facet of the city’s tourism infrastructure stands to benefit from this influx of visitors.