How Will President Trump Fare in 2020?


As the 2020 presidential elections get closer and closer, speculations about what lies ahead from President Trump continue to mount. Earlier today, a pollster opined that dark days lie ahead for the president.

Reviewing the Prediction for Trump 2020

On Wednesday, pollster Lee Miringoff sat down for an interview with Hill.TV. During Miringoff’s time on air, he shared his predictions regarding what’s to come for the president.

The pollster’s remarks read as follows:

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“It’s certainly not looking good for the president. When people ask about are you definitely going to vote for him, are you definitely going to vote against him, realistically, you got to be at least in the 40s, mid-40s on that question, and he’s sort of in the low 40s.”

Miringoff then went on to assert that President Trump’s chances of winning a second term are “in jeopardy.”

“As far as his re-election prospects right now, they are in some jeopardy, and that’s on the big assumption that he runs.”

The president has ongoingly maintained that he will seek a second presidential term.

The 2020 Presidential Election

Predictions about election results are not new and have existed for as long as presidential elections have. However, Miringoff’s statements are more in favor with Americans who are left-leaning. Conservatives and Trump supporters largely believe that the president has an excellent chance of getting re-elected.