College Football Coach of the Year – Jimbo Fisher


USAHerald has named Jimbo Fisher Coach of the Year.  No, we have not lost our minds – this award has nothing to do with FSU Football. USAHerald is not bestowing this award upon Fisher for resurrecting a team once 3-5 to a 6-6 Independence Bowl invitee. We bestow this award because Fisher has changed coaching forever – there may never again be another Tom Osborne or Bobby Bowen, save perhaps Dabo Swinney, so we are left with the mercenary class of coaching. Get used to it fans, the stench of the NFL is creeping into the college game slowly but surely.  Jimbo Fisher has assured it.

Fisher is named Coach of the year for turning a town that he could have owned against him, slapping a respected University President in the face who said Fisher could coach at the school “forever,” for patently ignoring his Athletic Director, for showing his ass to FSU’s first and only 35+ year Booster President and lastly, for being a spoiled brat complaining about facilities at a school that had built for him everything for which he had asked and then – drum roll please – turning that performance and himself following it into the highest paid football coach in the history of college football.