College Football Coach of the Year – Jimbo Fisher


But for Fisher, proximity to better research hospitals in Houston for his son, richer alumni and a personal fresh start after a difficult few years at home, all seem very rational reasons for wanting to leave even a great place to coach like FSU.  Sometimes, it’s just time for a change.  Yet none of that was ever mentioned, maybe privacy is the Fisher way.  We can respect that.

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Despite all this, shed not a tear for FSU, folks. FSU President John Thrasher, AD Stan Wilcox and FSU’s Booster donors most of all, may be the luckiest people in America.  After FSU signed Fisher to the stupidest contract every drafted with a $30M buyout and nearly zero departure penalty, FSU dodged bullet by allowing A&M’s arrogance, foolishness and passionate desire to have a guy who turned the #3 team in the nation into an Independence Bowl invitee to prevail and hire Fisher as their next coach.

It must be noted that Texas A&M did achieve another milestone in all of this, if reports are accurate and the 10-year $7.5M contract is fully guaranteed, this contract might be a worse deal than FSU’s $30M buyout!