Decades-old cold case murders solved through DNA tech evidence


DNA evidence is heating up cold cases. Advances in the last few years in DNA tech evidence are being credited with solving hundreds of cold case murders in the United States.

DNA tech evidence advances

 Authorities have long been able to try to match crime scene DNA to the FBI crime database.  Experts are now able to use genetic genealogy.  And having success comparing DNA tech evidence to the massive amount of public data available. 

Using DNA profiles from platforms such as and 23andme enables experts to track down killers through their family trees.

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 Decades-old murders are no longer unsolved. And killers are learning they can run but they have nowhere to hide from DNA evidence.




Linking cold cases 

In 2012, Bay Area detectives had matched a suspect’s DNA to two cold case murders from 1980 and 1996.  And they knew that one killer had committed both crimes.  

Last week, DNA evidence from a third crime led to the arrest of James Ray Gary, 76.